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About Us

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We aim to provide the highest quality of childcare with a stimulating educational program. We deliver a play-based curriculum where the children develop creativity, self confidence and curiosity that is both teacher and child led. Activities are made to be fun where the children can explore, experiment and make friends in an empowering environment. 

We look at every experience as an opportunity for learning and we surround our children with interesting and stimulating materials.

We focus through purposeful play as children learn most effectively when they are having fun. We guide, prompt, use open-ended questions and encourage the children throughout the day. 

Each child has a designated teacher who will identify each stage of their development and support them through every new experience and adventure.

We are an all inclusive childcare facility that cares for children ages 8wks - 5yrs. We have many sessions available, offering flexibile options to fit the needs of any family. 

Our Childcare Philosophy

We understand how important the first five years of a child’s life are and we are committed to providing a safe and motivating environment in which your child can develop and grow at their own pace.

The following principles apply to every part of our childcare service: 

  • We believe that care and education are integral.

  • We believe that children are best supported when parents and staff work together.

  • Our curriculum is play-based, because we believe that children learn best through supported play experiences.

  • We believe that children need to be respected in order to respect.

  • We believe that the learning environment must be planned to ensure that children are provided with rich and stimulating experiences, to build on what they already know and can do.

  • We will support the children to use the resources, and the environment in a way that will develop their independence and problem solving skills.

  • We will help the children to develop positive relationships with other children and adults.

  • In order to foster the children's positive sense of self and self-esteem, we will ensure that the experiences, family background, interests, abilities and cultural heritage will be positively celebrated and reflected across the service.

  • We believe that it is important to provide staff with training and development opportunities so that they, in turn, can provide the children with effective learning and teaching.

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